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Non-Physical Compliment Greeting Cards


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Why Non-Physical Compliments?

Complimenting someone on a skill, quality, contribution, or impact they have on your day or life lets them know they are valued and admired.


Non-physical compliments have depth, are more meaningful and have a long-lasting impact compared to appearance-based compliments. They express

that you have truly noticed and paid attention to the recipient.

Why Handwritten?

Handwritten notes are authentic, intimate and reflective. They are usually read more thoroughly and are less likely to be discarded as they share the sender's sentiments with the receiver. Handwritten notes possess a charm that digital communication cannot replicate and are perfect for conveying appreciation and recognition to loved ones, friends, employees and colleagues.

My Why

I designed the greeting cards to shift the way women receive compliments. Rather than solely focusing on their physical appearance, the cards emphasise their strengths, skills, and personal qualities. The cards allow the sender to handwrite a personalised message highlighting what they admire about the receiver and encourage them to express their admiration towards others in a more meaningful way.

The Empowering Designs Mission

I believe in ethical and smart shopping.

My cardstock is carefully selected to ensure it aligns with my core values.

100% Sustainable


Post Consumer Waste


Recycled Fibre

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Acid Free

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FSC Certified

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A Note About Inclusivity

As our society progresses, language and terminology evolve. Therefore, I would like to clarify that when I refer to my career and present work as being focused on empowering "women", I do so with the understanding that there are many unique and shared barriers by those who do not identify as cisgender men. As such, I embrace and extend a warm welcome to trans-gender women, non-binary, Two-Spirit, and all members of our beautifully diverse gender spectrum. Your presence enriches our community.

Grand Opening

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